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AEC Hackathon Hack Challenges

We sponsor the following hack challenge categories at each event:

Best Overall Project

The project that really hits the mark on execution, utility, and technical merits.

Best Project that Solves a Big AEC Problem

The project that solves a big problem for a built environment profession.

Best Mashup Project

The best solution that combines various AEC Hackathon supporters’ tech.

Best Hack from a Past Event

Projects must be from previous AEC Hackathons or from the open source projects below to qualify. Keep the innovation going!

The Gauntlet Project

The extended challenge, guidelines given on an event’s page.

*To help promote and support open standards, extra points are awarded to teams that use these in their projects. Extra points are also awarded for projects that are made open source. The AEC Hackathon organizers & sponsors may have additional challenges at the events.

From the Community Challenges

These are challenges initiated by AEC Hackathon community members. All projects here are to be made open source and available for free.

AEC/3D WordPress Plugin – ($350 prize) The concept is to build a WordPress plugin which can be embedded in a post or page for viewing 3D models online. 

AEC Hackathon Open Source Projects

These projects were built by our amazing hackers and shared by them for all:

  • A
  • AnalsyEC – real-time 3D web viewing of models from various engineering analysis packages
  • AEC Cyborg – this connects the Emotiv Brainwave controller with both Rhino/Grasshopper and Autodesk’s Dynamo
  • aeChack – is a free, online and open source platform for running and visualizing environmental analysis using daylighting and energy analysis engines
    AiR –  Crowd sourced images that can be stitched together in to a 3D model
  • Autodesk Forge AR – WebXR polyfill – Autodesk Forge Web augmented reality (WebAR) Exploration applications using WebXR
  • B
  • Backjump – uses Google Tango augmented reality technology to track user movement on-site and superimpose 3D building information models (BIM) on camera viewfinder
  • Beacon Punch – Photo history application for the jobsite using Bluetooth technology
  • BIM to Digital World & LEAP Project – this apps connects a LEAP motion detector to a BIM Server delivered x3d model & makes an API call to a remote motorized window blind
  • BldgViz – A platform for building visualization and analysis using open source data from municipal commercial building energy usage
  • C
  • Capture Map – This application displayed job site geolocated images and 360 video (Oculus Rift)
  • F
  • Filter Kahvia – Demonstrating a decentralized linked data mediated BIM where data from various stakeholders is connected in a federated manner
  • H
  • Hack My Hard Hat – This project applied inexpensive, off-the-shelf hardware to hard hats to create a development environment for Wearable Technology in Construction
  • M
  • Mission Control – A MEAN Stack Web App for interaction with Revit and project management
  • P
  • Plop3D –  Collaborative JavaScript CAD drawing platform using WebVR technology
  • R
  • RAMHack – Monitoring unresponsive time from modeling software in order to evaluate the cost-efficiency of upgrading hardware
  • Revit My Drone – This project created a custom Autodesk Revit API for controlling an autonomous flying drone
  • S
  • Shell Phone – Team Communication using iPhones as Walkie Talkies for your crew
  • ShowARoom – An augmented reality app for interior design
  • SmartAlarm – A home automation application that connects to the Philips hue light bulb API and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab smart windows API for a smoother wake up experience
  • Smart Nation – An app from EON Reality that retrieves data from data.gov.sg using their provided api and plotting the retrieved data to google maps for analysis and correlation
  • T
  • TBT – An interior design app that allows you to renovate and design rooms in VR, and pairs with Alexa to ease interaction
  • U
  • Urban Insight (front-end & backend)– An application for visualizing proposed buildings, their code-constraints, and environmental analyses in situ using AR & VR
  • W
  • Where’sTom –  Alexa Skill that keeps track of employees’ location, information, and punch in/out times


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