What do I bring?
This is a grassroots event meant to be very hands-on. Bring your laptops, mobile phones, 3D printers, tabletop CNC machines (if bigger contact us), robots, sensors, virtual & augmented reality glasses, interface devices (game controllers, depth cameras, etc.), wearable computing devices, drones, to whatever inspires you but above all, your energy and your brain! Don’t worry if you forget something, we are bringing our toys to share and there will be tons of stuff to do and tools to work with.

What is the goal of the hackathon?
We want to create an environment that embraces new ideas and technology solutions for the AEC Industry and Built Environment. A place where technology designers and developers can come to help the industry, and a safe zone for AEC R&D teams to geek out without having to worry about failure or affecting a company’s bottom line. We know it takes longer than a weekend to build great solutions, but this is ample time to form teams of good people and begin creating great solutions.

How do I form or join a team and why?
We hope teams at the hackathon will form around problems expressed by participating Built Environment professionals or the provided hack categories. We do encourage participants to start forming teams before the event. If you would like to start a team or are looking for a team to join, be sure to attend the Friday evening mixer or make an announcement at the opening ceremony of the event on Saturday. You can also propose or join a team via our Meetup Community, Facebook page, and LinkedIn group.

Are there prizes for the hack categories?
Yes, there are prizes. For any attendees that want to propose a hack challenge during the lightning rounds, if you have prizes to give away please contact us before the event.