Michael Shaw

One of the industry’s leading thought leaders regarding innovation and business, Michael Shaw has been evangelizing and implementing technology process and solutions for over 26 years.

He is a Past Technical Advisor to the US Library of Congress (Geography and Map Division), the Vanderbilt Museum and the Marshall Field’s Estate.

    Terry Beaubois

    Terry Beaubois is an Architect, Researcher, and Educator. He was founding director of the Creative Research Lab at Montana State University, College of Arts & Architecture. One CRLab project was the Montana ecoSMART House, which just received LEED certification and was selected as a GreenBuild House of the Year project.

    Terry has been involved in projects with NASA, Apple, Adobe, the San Francisco Balley Association, Lowe’s Resorts, Ritz-Carlton, and many single family residential projects from Lake Tahoe and throughout the SF Bay Area. His firms have been featured in newspapers, magazines, and internet for innovative use of advanced technology in the design of and functioning of architecture.

    Justin Quimby

    Justin helps teams build great products and games. Over the last decade, he has helped build and launch Spore, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and Asheron’s Call. His specialties are cross-discipline creative team management, large-scale product development processes, and keeping the trains running on time.

    At Quimby Heavy Industries, he provides consulting services to companies wishing to expand into the game development industry in addition to development and product management for firms in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries.