Amanda Ma

Amanda Ma is the Head of InnoMaker in Shanghai, China. She was in charge of China’s first hacker space “XinCheJian” since 2013 which became the most active grassroots maker community in China, and received top government officials such as Wan Gang, minister of Science and Technology of China. Organizer of Shanghai’s first Drone meetup group, Big Data learners group, teens robot meetup etc. She is one of the pioneers leading the maker movement in China.

  • Location: Shanghai

YEO Puay Khoon (PK)

YEO Puay Khoon (PK) is an Architect (Singapore registered) with areas of research interest covering the gamut from computational design, digital tools, design technologies, and all the way to digital fabrication. He is actively involved in judging international competitions and conducting computational design workshops for Building and Construction Authority, Singapore.  PK is the founder of, a research led consultancy & trainer focused on his areas of research.

  • Location: Singapore

Teemu Lehtinen

Teemu is a doctoral candidate at Aalto University and extremely passionate about helping the AEC industry to embrace the digital transformation. His research has focused in BIM implementation and new collaborative project delivery models (IPD, Alliancing). In addition to organizing AEC Hackathons in Finland, he is a co-founder of AECO Digital which is an experimental initiative that aims to boost digital transformation in the built environment by facilitating the collaboration between startups and corporations, and helping the emerging startups to go global.

  • Location: Helsinki

Simon Hart

Simon leads the Built Environment Programme Team at Innovate UK, the UK Government’s innovation agency. Simon career spans Tech, Consulting and Business Development across Electronics, Digital Technology, Design and Manufacturing. Simon is a regular on the UK tech scene with a passion for BIM, IoT, and Data.

  • Location: London

Brok Howard

Brok is a tech junky and has been involved in the AEC industry for 20 years. He is a licensed architect with experience on both small and large projects across vast project types. Brok’s day job is implementing dRofus for North and South America, stop by and say hi if are in the neighborhood. He understands where the opportunities of innovations lie to improve our industry and is our resource in the Bay Area to see AEC Hackathons in Silicon Valley be awesome!

  • Location: San Francisco

Michael Zucchi

Michael P Zucchi, CEO of ZBRELLA Technology Consulting, is a Solutions Orchestrator by day and a futurist by night. He takes pleasure in dreaming up new ways to disrupt the world with technology by night and builds those very same systems by day to understand and automate the world. He is the CEO of a futuristic, fun and thought provoking technology firm that changes the way we live.

  • Location: New York City

Cody Nowak

Cody Nowak is the VDC BIM Manager at Martin Bros. He has worked for architects, architectural lighting designers, MEP engineers, general contractors, and a variety of subcontractors as well. As a technology evangelist, Mr. Nowak has been bridging the gap between technology, BIM, and AEC with the purpose of integrating Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality into a more prominent role. Cody is also the founder of AECX a tech expo for AEC professionals. This along with his experience, innovation, and ingenuity are making Cody’s vision of 3D technology integration into the AEC industry a Virtual Reality.

  • Location: Los Angeles